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Punjabi Bagh’s Shri Krishna Janmashtami Mahotsava

A miracle by Radha Rani Herself:


37 years ago, in 1977, when an enthusiastic group of young persons thought of celebrating Shri Krishna Janmashtami in a park in Patel Nagar, no body could ever imagine that one day the celebration shall attract the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna not only of Delhi but of the world. In fact, all such programmes can be arranged by God’s grace only. It’s the result of almighty’s inspiration that the office – bearers of Shri Krishna Janmashtami Mahotsava Samiti get completely involved in organizing the Mahotsava after forgetting all other responsibilities of their business and family for one month. By seeing the devotion , allegiance and dedication of  a few people, to make the  Mahotsava a grand success, one can easily conclude that Radha Rani Herself gets the work done by Her own grace and inspiration .


During these 37 years, no less occasions came, when organizing the Mahotsava seemed almost impossible. But, every time, by the grace of Radha Rani, obstacles vanished and the Mahotsava organized in  better way than the previous years. Many a times, the Mahotsava was feared facing disturbance due to the anticipation of heavy rains but, it was seen that the Mahotsava ground got a few light showers while rest of Delhi faced heavy rains every where. It is Her grace that these days, the visitors can enjoy the Mahotsava in very- very big water proof pandals. Occasions also arose when the differences among the office bearers came  to an undissolvable extent and arranging Mahotsava seemed impossible. But, by the grace of Rahda Rani all such differences met an un-believable and astonishing end. Many a times it was felt that the Metro construction shall divide the Mahotsava ground , making its organization impossibale again. But, by Her grace the Metro plan changed in such a way that it did not put any hindrance in the way of Mahotsava. Finances also, have never been a problem for the Mahotsava. It was never needed to go to any ones door for collection of fund because the generous donors have always been donating a lot by themselves, taking it as their foremost duty to donate every year. What else could all these things be called other than the grace of Radha Rani.

During the 9 day long Mahotsava, a large number of gorgeously displayed electric tableaus (Jhankies) based on the life of Lord Krishna and current national social and religious issues attract about 20 lakh and  ever increasing visitors till date. Besided the Jhankies visitors enjoy the programmes of Bhajan Singers, Magician and other artist from across the country. The most famous artists like Hema Malini, devotional singer Nand Kishore Nandu etc. had been presenting their programmes for the last so many years. All the programmes presented in the Mahotsava are the greatest source of inspiration for the youth to know their culture more and more. Whereas on one side, lakhs of people visit the Mahotsava physically, on the other hand crores of people watch it live through various T.V. Channels throughout the world. Above all, the Kavi Sammelan aggranged on the occasion of Bhumi Poojan of Mahotsava, has become an occurance to wait throughout the year.

A large number of important personalities from various cords of the society like President of India, Prime Minister of India, Chief Miniters and MLA’s of different states, world renowned artists have graced the occasion and received the blessings of Radha Rani during the previous years. The artists from Kolkata come and stay at the Mahotsava ground for months to-gether to prepare the Jhankies and decorate the entry- gates, stage and other  parts of it.

An amusement  park put up in the vicinity provides various swings and other, such amusements. The eating stalls here, also attract a large number of food-loving people by presenting a large variety of eatables sweet, sour and saltish.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami Samiti is an organized and united family of 1300 Trustee and Patron Trustee  . The Mahotsava provides a golden opportunity to whole of the family for social service. In the samiti the elders are provided Trustee-Ship where as the younger generation is linked with Shri Krishna Yuva Samiti to serve the humanity. Besides Janmashtami Mahotsava, The samiti also organizes two more programmers i.e. Holi Milan and Diwali Milan to provide an occasion for the Trustee familes to meet each other. The other such programmes of the Samiti include Blood Donation Camps, Samuhik Vivah Shiver, Khatu – Sham Sankeertan etc. Apart from these occasions the Annual General Body meeting of the samiti provides opportunity to the Trustees to be connected and be aware of various developments of the Samiti the annual Income and Expenditure account is also presented in the AGM.

For the last two years the samiti is publishing successfully a weekly news-paper named “Indraprastha Samaj’. The news paper is distributed among the members free of cost. The paper is distributed among the society in general to be aware of the activities taking place in Delhi. Indraprashta Samaj has gained a lot of popularity during its two years of publication.

The Samiti, on 26th of January, 2014, has launched its most modern and comfortable  “Dharmashala’ at Vrindavan. It has 90 AC rooms, 35 Suite Rooms, Meditation Centre, Nature and Ayurvedic  Clinic, Interent facility, 24X7 power back-up, a beautiful temple, Satsang  hall , garden, amusement park for children and much more. Above all, it has large parking place that can coupe up with thousands of vehicles at a time. The Ashram is proving a boon for people visiting the holy city of Vrindavan. Situated at Chhatikra Road in Vrindavan, the Ashram provides a peaceful boarding and lodging facility to the people visiting the holy city in search of absolute peace. In the Ashram facing the world renowned ‘Akshay Patra’ Temple, the peace prevails everywhere. The Samiti proposes to build an Auditorium with a capacity of 800 persons. When inaugurated, the Auditorium is supposed to be the first of its kind in Vrindavan and shall generate a feeling of pride for the Samiti. In fact the Ashram, named as ‘Shri Krishna Janmashtami Ashram, shall be a source of pride for the generations, present as well as the future, for the centuries to come.

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